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Rebsamen Park has an intriguing view of the Arkansas River!

     Rebsamen park is one of the best public courses in the state. They have excellent bent grass greens and great rates. The twilight rate of $20.00 for as many holes as you can get in before dark, is one of the best deals in town if not the best.

Photos by:
Clayton Middleton
on (07/07/08)
Rebsamen's par 4 hole #13 runs right next to the Arkansas River and has an emaculate view of some cliffs in the background. caught a few hackers drinking beer and trying to line up a putt on hole #13.


Mountain Springs in Greystone lives up to its name!

Photos by:
Clayton Middleton
on (08/20/08)
Your game may not be flowing, but you can count on Greystone's springs to be flowing on hole #18. Greystone's hole #18 is as plush as it gets. Some call it a monster, but it's a pretty monster! ranks Mountain Springs as the best course for
the price with rates as low as $25 on weekends with cart included.


Country Club of Arkansas gives Conway golfer Zac Nicholson many troubles!

Article by:
on (09/27/08)

     Weekends in Arkansas in the summer are always a popular time to golf because the weather is so beutiful. Most courses with good greens become a log jam and even a few courses with horrid greens will have a hacker or two trying to sink a few. The Country Club of Arkansas on September 26 was packed with a lot of members and a few non-members as well.'s staff caught up with Zac Nicholson, a Conway resident, and life-long golfer, who had nothing but ill comments about, "coming out of pocket" a few more dollars than usual. A lot of people seem to complain about CCA's weekend rates though. We decided to tag along and see if Zac Nicholson lived up to all the hype about him being a great golfer. Nicholson said he decided to join Golfingarkansas's very own Clayton Middleton and two other players to make it a solid foursome but wasn't planning on paying "ridiculous rates" as Nicholson put it. After all the ranting and raving, Nicholson and crew got their balls teed off and finished the first hole. The weather out at Country Club of Arkansas was emaculate, but Zacs golf game wasn't. We noticed Zac hit an iron off the first tee box, which is very unorthodox and very uncommon, considering it's a wide open par 4. He managed to par the hole and his ego got the best of him as boasted all the way to Hole #2. This must have given Mr.Nicholson the confidence he needed because on hole 2 he pulled out his driver. Unfortunantly, his drive was so wayward it wasn't found by anybody in the foursome. After this, his ill-temper got the best of him as he drank beer heavily to try and take the edge off. We watched as his round drifted into a downward spiral until the 18th where he pulled a bunker shot out of thin air to make par. Country Club of Arkansas was in good shape and the greens were holding nicely. Nicholson put all the blame of his pitiful performance on the course's maintenance. Nicholson can blame no one but his self for his poor performance that day. Our staff looked at his score card and he barely managed to break triple digits. This is a good example for you Arkansas Golfers out there, to not let your head get to you. Stay focused. Be confident in your driver that you paid hundreds for. Well, Clayton Middleton, did just that. Middleton started out slow with 3 bogeys but seemed to make a mental adjustment and came out with 2 birdies on 8 and 9 to give him a one over 37 on the front. I could talk all day about Middleton's long majestic drives on the back nine but you get the point. Bad starts can turn out great if you don't let it get to you mentally. After the round Nicholson said,"This damn course has always had my number, in more ways than one!" Nicholson used his driver twice the whole day and said,"Even if I could get decent distance out of my driver, I would still have to contend with the narrow fairways." The narrow fairways posed as a real trouble maker for Nicholson and his tendency for wayward tee shots. Middleton said after the round,"It's only a matter of time before I break 70." Middleton seemed to make more than a few bold statements but his game backed up the lip. All-in-all, the Country Club of Arkansas is in good shape and they have a decent twilight rate but a very over-priced weekend rate. Go check it out for your self.
Country Club of Arkansas.

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