Jumping FishBig Moe's Bass PicsJumping Fish

Big Moe
Randy Moseley Jr., a.k.a. 'Big Moe' caught this 2.5lb Black Bass
with a 1/4oz. silver/white spinner bait in Guy, AR in a resevior.

Ken Oliver caught this 4.5lb Black Bass using a Bandit crank bait
in Guy, AR in a 55 acre resevior.

Big Rick
Big Rick caught this 12 pound bass last year and was
using a 5" root beer gold/red flake Senko near some over
hanging bushes in the back of a cove off Lake Quacita.

Big Cat
Captain Stabbin' and Eric Everhard caught this mammoth Cat Fish using a live eel.
It's very fat and had quite a number of bite marks from other catfish! The length was
215 cm (6.55 ft) and the weight was 85 kg (187.4 lbs). The photo was taken by the
INFAMOUS DOELEO who also participated in weighing the fish. This humungoid
Catfish was caught in a lake at Fiume Po, Italy while DOELEO and BIGMOE were
on vacation filming for MOE&DOE Productions. The big slab of meat that the Cat
Fish provided, was later consumed by BIGMOE in one sitting. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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